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Our Services

RMH offers comprehensive billing services to mental health professionals. Our services include new patient insurance verification, electronic billing and payments, patient statements, complete insurance follow-up, credit card processing and more!

Allow RMH to partner along side you to fulfill the business needs of your practice.

Insurance Benefit Verification/Notification

All the new patients to the practice and existing clients with a change of insurance will have an insurance benefit verification completed. Both provider and client will be notified of coverage, if sufficient notice by patient is given. This will be done prior to the initial session. With the completion of the New Patient / Insurance Verification form the client and provider will be notified of all out of pocket responsibilities to the client (deductible, coinsurance, copays, etc) so there are no unexpected costs.

[Disclaimer: Benefit Verification is in no way a guarantee of payment by insurance. This is a courtesy to client and provider. Final consideration for payment can not be determined until a claim is received and processed by client’s insurance company.]

Insurance Billing

We at RMH Billing believe in consistent billing. To improve cash flow all insurance claims are submitted weekly. All claims eligible for electronic submission are submitted to the clearinghouse weekly. Insurance companies that do not accept electronic submissions will be mailed via USPS weekly.

Electronic Payment and Remittance Advice (ERA)

RMH Billing uses Electronic Fund Transfer (EFT) and Electronic Remittance Advice (ERA) whenever possible. This service cuts down on your incoming mail, eliminates the possibility of checks “lost” in the mail and increases payment turnaround. EFTs are all deposited directly into your account, typically in seven business days of claim submission. You will receive a weekly report detailing the payer, payment date and amount paid for your use to reconcile with your bank account.

Patient Statements

We submit statements to clients on a monthly basis. Your address will be reflected on all statements to ensure you receive all the payments directly. However, our customer service phone number is listed for billing questions. You will not be bothered answering phone calls about billing. All billing inquiries are directed to the RMH Billing office.


Our software has the capability of producing hundreds of customizable reports. We are happy to send any report you find necessary or informative at no charge. Routinely you will receive weekly and monthly reports.

Weekly reports:

  • ERA/EFT Report
  • Summary of weekly production, revenue and adjustments

Monthly reports:

  • Summary of production, revenue and adjustments
  • Detail of production and adjustments by insurance company
  • Accounts Receivable by patient and age of balance due

Claims Follow-Up

Claims that are denied by insurance are investigated and appealed, if necessary, weekly. Claims that have not been paid OR denied are followed-up on when the date of the claim reaches 60 days. Upon receipt of information during the investigation of outstanding or denied claims, the appropriate action will be taken by our office to ensure prompt payment to you.

Credit Card Processing

We at RMH Billing have partnered with TransFirst to offer the lowest credit card transaction rates possible. We offer processing credit card payment weekly for any client that accepts credit card payments in their practice. These funds are directly deposited to your bank account three business days after processing. Our experience has proven that collecting credit card information for each patient is the most effective and timely way to be paid. You will no longer be waiting 30-60 days for the patient to remit payment by check. With the patient’s signed permission, we securely store credit card information to process weekly after each appointment.

Other Off-Site Staffing Solutions

We proudly partner with an off-site staffing solutions office that provides many services needed by your office. These services include, but are not limited to:

  • Scheduling Clients
  • Appointment Reminder Calls
  • Prescription Refills
  • Pre-authorization for Prescriptions
  • Answering Calls
  • Dictation of Messages
  • Even More!
Please contact our office by email or phone to inquire about these additional services.