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Frequently Asked Questions

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Why do I need a billing service?
Your time is valuable and your passion is not on keeping your books or running after payments. Dealing with insurance companies is not where your focus should be. Allow our office to focus on your business practices so you can spend your time and energy with your patients. Your time should not be wasted by being on hold with insurance companies or writing appeal letters for payment. Use your time to provide the best care you can to your patients and we will dedicate our time to provide the best service to you and your practice.
Why should I hire an off-site billing service?

“I can do it myself or have an in-house employee” is often the mindset for providers attempting to “save” money on billing service costs. The fees and headaches of managing employees is exhausting and expensive. RMH Billing allows you the autonomy to run your practice and focus on delivering excellent patient care.

Having on-site employees requires you to purchase software and hardware, rent additional space for an employee, and other office-related expenses such as additional phone lines, postage and office supplies. Hiring an employee also comes with an enormous burden of payroll. On average the tax liability of hiring an employee is 15% in addition to their salary. Doing all of the billing on your own requires all the same fees associated with hiring an employee as well as the price of your valuable time.

Using an off-site billing service, such as RMH billing removes all the cumbersome burdens and demands of billing and collecting your account receivables. Our fees include ALL costs of maintaining software, hardware, postage, office expenses and supplies and payroll fees! As a contracted entity you are able to deduct all our fees on your taxes and have no other employee tax liabilities.

What services are included if I work with RMH Billing?
  • Insurance Benefit Verfication/Notification
  • Insurance Billing
  • Electronic Payment/Remittance Advice
  • Patient Statements
  • Reports
  • Claims Follow-Up
  • Credit Card Processing
  • Deposit Services
  • Off-Site Staffing

For a complete description, please visit our Services page.

How much does this cost?
How much time do you spend on administrative work rather than seeing clients or attending to clinical demands? A partnership with RMH billing allows you to prioritize your patients over paperwork. On average the cost of our services can be recouped by you adding five to six clinical hours per MONTH! If you spend more than 90 minutes a week attending administrative or billing issues, you could exchange that time for billable hours and remove the burden of collection money from your weekly obligations. In addition, 100% of our fees are tax-deductible!

Prices vary according to services requested and type of practice. Please call 303-487-4990 or email info@rmhbilling.com for competitive pricing that best fits your practice needs.

What makes RMH Billing different from other billing services?
In addition to our extensive list of all-inclusive services, RMH Billing offers personalized service with over 20 years of experience. We pride ourselves in offering direct contact with the founder and owner of RMH Billing, Nelle Robbins. All accounts are directly managed and overseen by the owner. RMH Billing has over 20 years specializing in billing expertise with mental health providers. Our specialty has always been in the area of mental health. It is what we know best and that knowledge offers you the best information on the specialty of psychiatry and how changes in health care affects your patients and your practice.